Frequently Asked Questions


1. General

  • a. Did you guys get bought out by CPR? Did this use to be Genius?We are Still Genius! Our Genius Phone Repairs locations are now Genius Computer and Phone Repair (CPR). Genius CPR is part of the CPR Franchise with locations across the US. Our business include Genius CPR, Genius Tech Solutions, and Genius Concierges.
  • b. Are you a UPS store?Some of our locations serve as UPS access points. Packages that have been rerouted can end up at these locations for pickup and accept pre-printed label packages that are already packed for shipment. We do not accept any packages for carriers other than UPS, we do not provide packing material or boxes, and we do not print out labels. For QR Code returns and shipments, you must visit an actual UPS Store.
  • c. Do you work with Insurances?At our Genius CPR locations, we offer Genius plus Protection by AKKO. Genius Plus Protection covers your phone for a low annual or monthly fee with low out of pocket expense. Genius plus 25 Protections covers your phone as well as up to 25 devices in your home.Additionally, Genius CPR will repair devices for any reimbursement insurance programs available such as those from Allstate, Geico, State Farm, Progressive, et al.
  • d. Can you guys unlock phones from network providers?We do not provide any unlocking services. That must be done at the specific network provider for the phone.
  • e. How do I know if I should buy a new device or repair my current device?In most cases, a repair is more economical than replacement. In cases where a phone is old or obsolete, Genius offers device replacement.

2. Device Services

  • a. What devices do you repair?Genius CPR repairs a wide range of personal and business devices including but not limited to Androids, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches, drones, and both handheld and stationary gaming consoles. The best thing to do is check out the repair listing at or call one of our locations. We do many specialty repairs. It is what makes us Genius.
  • b. Do you only repair cell phones?We are Genius CPR, Computer and Phone Repair. However, we repair all types of electronic devices including but not limited to Androids, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches, drones, and both handheld and stationary gaming consoles.
  • c. Do you work on gaming consoles?We work on all gaming console brands such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. The most common repairs we see are HDMI port, disc drive, hard disk, and power supply failures.
  • d. Do you work on laptops and on computers?3. Yes. We have trained and certified technicians who are able to repair laptops or computers including but not limited to Dell, HP, Lenovo, Mac, Microsoft, and other brands. Most common repairs on laptops and computers are hard disk replacement, power supply, and screen replacements.

4. Device Data

  • a. Am I going to lose my data during a repair?Always back your data up. However, the chances of losing data during a repair is extremely low and we take precautions to prevent the loss of data. However, we cannot be held responsible for data loss. We strongly recommend that customers back up their data before coming to the store.
  • b. Will I lose data on my phone during a repair?Always back your data up. Generally, most repairs do not involve the storage of the device and therefore leave everything intact the way it was prior to the repair.
  • c. Will I lose data on my phone when buying a new device?The answer is a “no”, we can typically transfer contacts, photos, and videos if the old phone is functional. More data can be transferred if transferring from the same OS (operating system). If the device has been properly backed up we can use the back up to recover your information.
  • d. Can you transfer data from a basic phone to a smartphone?5. Transferring data off a basic phone, like a flip phone, is exceedingly difficult. We can sometimes transfer contacts via Bluetooth though. Always make sure to back up your data.
  • a. Can you recover data from my phone?If the old phone has no problems, recovering some or all data is possible. If there are issues, we can use parts in store or order some in to attempt to recover the data.

6. Device Storage

  • a. What is cloud?Cloud refers to remote server accessed over the internet and the software, applications, and databases dedicated to serve, store, and protect your information. Cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive Cloud services are very secure. They generally allow you to free up space on your devices.
  • b. Is there a Google Cloud?Referred to as Google Drive. Yes, if you have a Google account, then you already have access to it. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube.
  • c. How can I create more storage on my phone?Utilize Cloud services for transferring photos and videos and/or offload unused data to an SD card, computer, or USB thumb drive for safekeeping.
  • d. How do I know what to delete from my phone?Typically, anything you do not use can be deleted from the phone. Some applications are part of the phone and cannot be deleted, though those usually take up minimal space.

7. Device Security

  • a. How can I figure out my password to unlock my device?There is no way to retrieve a passcode or swipe pattern from a phone. If you try the passcode repeatedly, it will permanently lock the device and/or wipe the data on the device and its security features. We offer factory resets to clear out the passcode. Which also clears out all the data on the phone, but then the phone will likely require a login to the previously used manufacturer account.
  • b. How can I figure out my password to my iCloud?Apple has a “Forgot my Password” option that can be accessed when trying to log in either on the phone or on a computer. Simply follow the prompts and answer security questions to reset the password.
  • c. Will you look through my device during the repair?We are trusted and secure. Genius employees sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement. When repairing a device, we access the phone only to test the screen and basic functions of the device to ensure there are no other issues before and after we repair the device.
  • d. Will you look through my device during a data transfer?We are trusted and secure. Genius employees sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement. During a data transfer, the safety and security of your data is very important to us. Data is transferred from your old device to your new device. You are notified when the transfer is completed.

8. Repair Time and Appointments

  • a. Do I need to make an appointment to get my device fixed?No need for appointments. We serve daily walk-in customers. Appointment can be scheduled at for your own convenience, but appointments are not required. Same day Express repairs are available with or without an appointment.
  • b. How fast can I get my device fixed?Our trained and certified technicians can deliver speedy repairs and get your device back to you same day in most cases.
  • c. How long does a repair typically take?Our express repair service puts your repair at the top of the queue, indicating repair priority. Our technicians are trained to same-day repair almost any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. We understand the importance of quickly getting your device back in your hands.

9. Why should I take the Express service?

  • The Genius Express repair service saves time by making your device repair a priority. The Express service is our gold standard available to all customers.
  • a. What’s the difference between the Express service and Non-Express service?Express service means priority. Express services go into an express queue ahead of standard repairs. The standard or non-express service will generally be completed by the end of the day or potentially the next day. Express service is our premium service and provides same day, usually within a couple of hours — many times faster.
  • b. How long does it take to have my device repaired if you need to order a part?We quote 3 business days to get parts from our standard suppliers. With our Express repair service, we will complete the repair timely once the parts arrive. If the repair requires Advanced Technician services such as micro soldering or board level repairs, then we estimate 24 to 36 hours for the repair to be completed.
  • c. How long does it typically take to get parts in?Most standard part orders in a normal business environment take 3-5 business days. Higher end device parts may take longer depending on availability among our suppliers.
  • d. How quickly can a repair be completed if you have the part in stock?Express repair services are completed in a couple of hours or less based on part availability.

10. Warranties

  • a. What warranties do you offer on repairs?We have a lifetime warranty on all parts (batteries are 90 days) and labor, though liquid damage or any amount of physical damage often means we cannot warranty the repair.
  • b. Are the parts that you provide warrantied?Yes, if there is no physical or liquid damage. “Consumable” parts that degrade over time through use are exceptions to the lifetime warranty. These “consumable” parts include, but are not limited to, batteries, hard drives, and solid-state drives. We offer a 90-day warranty on these “consumable” parts, but we back our workmanship fully.
  • c. What does your warranty cover exactly?Our warranty covers manufacturer defects or technical mistakes. Physical and liquid damage makes warranties voids and null.
  • d. Why is the warranty on a battery for 90 days?Batteries are not meant to last. Lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of 2-3 years before they start showing signs of wear and tear. 90 days gives us plenty of time to see if the new battery would have issues.
  • e. Do you offer a warranty on the water damage service?We do not warranty any repair that has been affected by liquid. Whenever liquid gets inside a device, it can get into some hard-to-reach places that means that while we can clean most of the board, there will be some places we cannot clean.

11. Return Policies

  • a. What happens if my device is further damaged after leaving it with you?If a technical error occurs during a repair that is caused by one of our technicians, we cover the replacement of whatever part has been damaged. This is part of our lifetime warranty.
  • b. If Genius CPR can’t repair my device, do I still have to pay?Mostly no. There are a few cases in which the device was dead when it came to us that we may ask for upfront payment to get it working because of the time involved in attempted repairs. But if the phone clearly has an issue such as a cracked screen or bad touch and we are unable to repair it then we remove our parts and do not charge the customer.
  • c. What are your return policies?We offer a 7-day hassle-free return on devices and accessories. Outside of the 7-day return policy, we offer a 90-day warranty to repair or fully replace the device or accessory if there are defects. There are no returns on repairs because we back them with a lifetime warranty.

12. Device Parts

  • a. If I buy the part for the repair, can Genius CPR use it?We strongly suggest that you let us use our suppliers for parts. Our suppliers have quality parts, and we are familiar with them. Because of our volume of repairs, we get wholesale or special pricing on our parts. This translates to better prices for our customers when we source from our suppliers. Lastly, we warranty our parts for life, which cannot be extend to customer-provided parts.
  • b. Where do you order your parts from?We have three tiers of suppliers: OEM suppliers, aftermarket suppliers, refurbished and repurposed our bottom tier is consumer-accessible eCommerce resale suppliers. Most of our parts come from OEM and aftermarket suppliers such as Mobile Defenders. Rarely, mostly if a part is difficult to find do we use a consumer-accessible eCommerce resale supplier such as eBay.
  • c. Are your parts OEM (from the manufacturer)?We offer both OEM and Aftermarket parts. Our stock is mostly high-quality aftermarket parts, but we do carry some OEM parts. On request, we can order any available OEM parts for your device repair, but keep in mind that those parts will incur a higher repair cost.

13. Payments

  • a. Can I pay over the phone?For security reasons we require a debit/credit card to be physically present in the store chip reader.
  • b. Can a family member or friend pick up my device for me?Yes, if we have been notified that someone else will be picking up the device. This can be done upon checking the device in or calling us afterwards and letting us know someone else will pick up the device.

14. Device Services and Education

  • a. Can you teach me how to use my phone?Yes, if it is something quick and easy. We often recommend going to YouTube for tutorials if you are unfamiliar with a device.
  • b. Can you teach me how to use my laptop and computer?We are very focused on our customer culture, and we enjoy helping people operate their devices. We will take some time to teach customers if it does not affect other customer repairs. Often, there is a cost of labor to the customer if it exceeds 5 to 10 minutes of teaching or troubleshooting.
  • c. Do you do service calls?As far as house calls or in-home services are concerned, we do not make any service calls to people’s homes. We offer mail-in repair service for people who are not able to visit our Genius CPR locations.

Devices Sold

  • 1. What does it mean to be refurbished?A refurbished device means it has been repaired and checked to ensure full functionality. For most devices, this means there was a new screen or battery installed.
  • 2. What devices do you sell?We sell a large quantity of iPhone, iPads, Samsung and Android, but also have other devices. In addition, we sell HP, Dell, Mac, MacBook and other computers and laptops. We keep a rotating stock of devices based on demand and many times devices not in stock can be pulled from our warehouse or ecommerce sites.
  • 3. Do you sell unlocked phones?Yes, we prefer unlocked device because it gives our customers a choice of carriers.4. Do you sell laptops?

    Yes. Our selection is constantly evolving with the demand. Check back into our locations monthly to browse our selection of refurbished laptops.

    5. Do you sell computers?

    Yes. Our selection is constantly evolving with the demand. Check back into our locations monthly to browse our selection of refurbished computers.

    6. Can you find a device I want to purchase if it’s not in store?

    We can look at our Genius Surplus website and order in a specific device if we don’t have it in store. We would need full payment up front, and it can take 3-5 business days for the device to arrive.

Device Trade-In

  • 1. What devices do you buy or trade-in?We offer buy/sell/trade-in on our website. You fill out the web form and send your device in for evaluation. Once the device is accurately evaluated, then a payment is sent electronically for the device.2. Can I trade-in my device post-repair?

    Yes, you can. We offer buy/sell/trade-in on our website. You fill out the web form and send your device in for evaluation.

    3. Do you purchase phones?

    Yes. We offer buy/sell/trade-in on our website. You fill out the web form and send your device in for evaluation.

    4. Do you do trade-in deals?

    Since we only buy/sell/trade-in devices on our website, there is no in-store credit or trade-in deals on new purchases. These transactions are handled independently.

    5. Do you price match?

    We do not price match as a policy. Our pricing is made competitive on purpose and therefore a fixed price.

    6. Do you buy computers?

    We do not buy computers on an individual basis. We work with large businesses, and we offer buyback as a part of the relationship with those businesses, but it is not extended to individual customers.

    7. Do you buy laptops?

    We do not buy laptops on an individual basis. We work with large businesses, and we offer buyback as a part of the relationship with those businesses, but it is not extended to individual customers.

Liquid Damage


  • a. What should I do if I drop my phone in a liquid other than water?For any liquid, you should turn off the device and bring it to a Genius CPR location ASAP. Delaying the liquid damage treatment, even putting the phone in a bag of rice or other similar desiccant will only cause further issues as the liquid begins to oxidize and form corrosion.b. Do you offer a warranty on the water/liquid damage service?

    We do not offer a warranty on liquid damaged devices, but we are happy to help with issues you may encounter.

    c. Does liquid damage service include liquid damage sensor replacement?

    Once a device has been liquid damaged, we do not change out the liquid sensor stickers. The reason is because even after a treatment, it is important to know that there was liquid breaching the inner compartment of the device.

    d. I dropped my device in water, but it seems to be functioning fine. Should I still get it treated for water damage?

    Although the device appears to be functioning as intended, it is risky in the long-term to not have it treated for liquid damage. The corrosion can take several weeks to show any problems and by that time it may be too late. Get your device serviced as soon as possible to avoid more damage.

    e. How long does the water damage service take?

    Our water damage treatment can usually be done on the same day depending on the device and the time of day it is left with us. There are many cases where the damage is extensive enough to warrant an additional day of treatment. Many times, we are just waiting for the device to fully dry before reassembling it.

    f. What if you are unable to repair my liquid damage device?

    We have several options at this point including, but not limited to, advanced repair technicians who can perform board-level repairs,we sell refurbished replacement phones and can move the SIM card over, and we can recycle the device to ensure low environmental impact.

2. Phones:

  • a. Can you fix water-damaged phones?Yes, we use an ultrasonic device to get even the smallest water particles out of the phone. Our water damage treatments have a very high success rate in getting phones working again.b. Does putting my phone in a bag of rice work after dropping it in water?

    Desiccants such as rice and silica can absorb moisture from the air, but often that moisture is evaporated from inside the device and the oxidation and corrosion damage is already done.

    c. What should I do when my phone is exposed to water/liquids?

    Never switch on the phone. Bring it to Genius CPR for water damage treatment as soon as you can.

3. Laptops and Computers

  • a. Can you fix water damaged laptops and computers?Yes, we have a high success rate of getting devices fully functional from accidents such as water damage and physical damage.b. What should I do if my laptop or computer is exposed to water/liquids?

    The longer the water stays in the device, the more components it will spread to and cause corrosion and oxidation of the metals. Bring it to a Genius store for a water/liquid damage treatment ASAP.

Phone Repairs

1. Screen Replacement

    • a. Only my glass is cracked on my phone, why do I need to replace the entire screen?For every smartphone, the digitizer (the glass and what controls touch) and the LCD/OLED (what displays picture) are fused together and cannot be separated without the proper equipment and environment. Therefore, we use fused assemblies.b. What do screen replacements typically cost for my iPhone?

      Pricing for iPhone screen replacements can vary depending on what Apple device you have. Older iPhones will typically cost less to repair than newer iPhones due to the type of display they currently use. My recommendation is to stop at a Genius CPR store and have one of our certified technicians take a look at it, and we can give you an exact quote then.

      c. What do screen replacements typically cost for my Samsung/Motorola

      Roughly speaking, $99 – $600 for high-end Samsung devices.

      d. How long does it take to replace a phone screen?

      Most of our repairs we can complete same day with our Express repair service in a couple of hours.

2. Battery Replacement

    • a. How do I know when my battery is bad on my phone?For any Apple device, that is an iPhone 6s or newer, the battery life can be found in the system settings. If 85% or below, or if you are experiencing power related issues, we recommend that it be changed.b. What do I do with a bloated phone battery?

      Bring in device for immediate repair to avoid further damage.

      c. How long does it take to replace a phone battery?

      For most phones, it takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

      d. Do I need to charge my phone a certain way after a battery repair?

      There is no set blueprint to follow, but we do offer some tips that may prolong the life of the new battery: refrain from heavy use while the device is charging, let the new battery run all the way down the first few times after fully charging, and try to close out of all applications, so they don’t continue to run in the background of your device and eat away battery life.

      e. What does the “Important Battery Message” mean?

      This happens when the battery is replaced in newer iPhone models. Apple added serial data codes to batteries and screens. When these parts are replaced, you will get this error for a few days. However, the error isn’t going to cause any issues for the functionality of the phone.

      f. Why is the warranty on the battery 90 days?

      Batteries are wear and tear parts; generally, most battery defect issues happen in the first 90 days. Afterwards, if the battery is having issues, most likely it is from use. A battery lasts about 2 years. After 2 years we recommend a replacement.

      g. Is it okay to charge my phone overnight?

      The common myth is that you can/can’t overcharge your phone. That is no longer true with the advancements in battery charging technology. Overnight charging is perfectly fine for most devices and certainly recommended for smartphones.

3. Charging Port

    • a. Can you clean out charging ports?After being in bookbags, backpacks, pockets, and purses these smartphones collect lint, dust, dirt, and grime over time. We specialize in cleaning charging ports for any model of device to keep your device charging.b. Can you replace charging ports?

      We see a lot of charging port replacements for all models of smartphones from iPhone to Samsung, LG, and Motorola. The charging port is the most used port on any phone so it takes abuse over time and eventually needs replacement.

4. General

  • a. Can you fix my phone even if it does not turn on?We offer free diagnostics on phones. It may need something simple like a battery replacement or a charging port cleaning.b. Why can’t you fix my iPhones Face ID/Touch ID?

    The only time this happens is when the home button or the camera is broken. These components on the later-model iPhones have a serialized code programmed by the manufacturer. This means that we can replace the camera or the home button, and they will still function as a camera or as a button, but they will not support the biometric functions such as Touch ID or Face ID.

    c. What does “Important Display Message?” mean?

    In newer iPhone models, Apple added serial data codes to batteries and screens. When these parts are replaced, you will get this error for a few days on the phone. However, the error isn’t going to cause any issues for the functionality of the phone.

Computer and Laptop

1. General

    • a. What should I do if I have virus?
    • What should I do if my device has virus?
    • Turn off the computer and bring it straight to us for virus removal ASAP. We can remove any virus from a computer. We highly recommend using another secure device to change passwords on all possible accounts that could be affected and check bank account info to check for fraudulent purchases.b. Can you clean out my computer if I have a virus?
    • Can you clean out my computer if it has a virus?

Yes, absolutely. We specialize in laptop and computer repairs and virus remediation. We will clean out the virus and make security software recommendations to keep your protected moving forward.

c. What computers and laptops can you repair?

We can repair any laptop or computer. We specialize in computer and laptop repairs for business or residential.

2. LCD Replacements

    • a. How long does an LCD/screen replacement take?Screen replacements are the most common repairs we see. Our trained and certified technicians can complete a screen repair between 40 minutes to an hour, or sometimes lesser.b. What do LCD/screen replacements typically cost?

      Most screen replacements are done in the $80 to $150 range. The newer the phone and the newer the screen technology in the phone, the more costly those repairs can become.

      3. Battery Replacement

    • a. How do I know when my battery is bad?

Batteries go bad over time through repeated use. Typically, they stop holding as much of a charge and require charging more often. Performance issues with the device such as slowness, warm to the touch, and charging problems may also be related to a bad battery.

b. What do I do if my battery is bloated?

If it is hot or still bloating and the gases are expanding, then please put the device in a fire-safe container. When a battery is having an event, it can become combustible or leak toxic fumes. After the event has stopped, bring that device in to us immediately so that we can save the device from further damage.