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Technical Guide

Samsung smartphones have become the smartphone of choice for most people. Its ease-to-operate as well as its ability to easily find a Samsung repair nearby when needed makes it the most preferred phone by many. Exploring the features on your device could help resolve most of the issues. If you still find problems with your smartphone, before rushing to a cell phone repair store near you, it is recommended to carefully browse through the technical guide accessible and try to fix your smartphone. Nevertheless, if the issues persist or if the issues like smartphone screen repairs, smartphone screen replacement, smartphone battery repair, etc. are sustained, then the nearest GeniusCPR professionals are available to fix these issues 

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Technical Guide

Samsung smartphones have become the smartphone of choice for most people. Its ease-to-operate as well as its ability to easily find a Samsung repair nearby when needed makes it the most preferred phone by many. Exploring the features on your device could help resolve most of the issues. If you still find problems with your smartphone, before rushing to a cell phone repair store near you, it is recommended to carefully browse through the technical guide accessible and try to fix your smartphone. Nevertheless, if the issues persist or if the issues like smartphone screen repairs, smartphone screen replacement, smartphone battery repair, etc. are sustained, then the nearest GeniusCPR professionals are available to fix these issues 

Backing up your Data

For Androids smartphones, the best way to back up and transfer data is with Samsung’s Smart Switch app. That app is very user friendly and takes the data from one phone and puts it on another. If you want a local backup of your phone, there are many various software available to do this function. For every software that does a local backup on a computer, it will be a paid software there is no good free software available. One such software, used by the industry, and very noteworthy is called 3U Tools.

3U Tools has many powerful features which should be used by the tech savvy because some of the features can wipe, erase, and brick an Android phone. Be careful which functions you select when using the software.

Battery Life Optimization

Smartphones everywhere are draining battery quickly. Some of the things to check to prevent and remedy battery drain are screen brightness, apps running in the background, and battery age.

Battery age is measured in charge cycles. Charge cycles are counted when the battery has used enough power to equal one full battery  capacity.

Screen brightness is a major one, and turning down the brightness setting even 10% can have impacts on battery consumption. Apps are constantly running in the background until we close them. Make sure to check for background running apps which can spike the performance of the smartphone and cause battery to drain.

Protecting your Smartphone

Protecting the phone is essential to longevity of the device. Selecting good protection for the body such as a Cell Helmet branded Fortitude case, which has dual-layer drop protection, and high quality screen protection such as the 9H Genius Lifetime Tempered Glass can go a long way towards keeping the device in good condition. Additionally, for those times when the outer protection is not enough to prevent damages, device protection plans are essential to low cost repairs.

Device protection plans such as Genius Protection+ have a low monthly payment which enables a low repair deductible cost for those circumstances when the damage to the device busts through the protection accessories. Smartphones with a significant value should be evaluated for these protections because replacing the phone is more expensive than repairing the damages, which are minimized by protective outerwear.

Wi-Fi Calling and Dead Zones

Every cell phone service provider or carrier has dead zones. Dead zones are places where the cell service just cannot reach either due to weather, terrain, or distance from a cell service tower.

Smartphones are designed to detect low signal and adjust accordingly, but when there is no service available then it’s time to consider Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi Calling is a feature on most modern smartphones which allows the use of a Wi-Fi internet connection to connect calls and texts to the carrier service. Using Wi-Fi Calling can be a lifesaver in a pinch because even in a cell service dead zones, as long as there’s an active Wi-Fi internet connection the smartphone will make and receive calls, texts, and video. Make sure you turn on Wi-Fi Calling in your settings to enable this feature.

Viruses on Smartphones

Android phones are more susceptible to viruses than their iPhone competitor. Partly because Androids do not have the same strict and stringent guidelines for app development. It’s a double-edged sword; loose guidelines enables a host of feature-packed software developed for the user base, but the same loose guidelines make for shady apps and information theft as well as prank software and viruses. On smartphones, viruses must be downloaded, side-loaded, or somehow installed into the phone.

Once these viruses take hold, it is best to factory reset the phone and change all of your passwords to any website or service that you may have used. There are anti-virus programs for the smartphones which can help prevent the virus infection such as Malware Bytes for Android. It is recommended to have some sort of antivirus program on your smartphone to prevent major loss of data due to viruses.

Jailbreaking and Rooting Android Phones

While it may be advantageous in some ways to jailbreak or root your android smartphone, it is not advised. Jailbreaking or rooting smartphones is typically done to bypass the security restrictions built into the smartphone and load a custom operating system to the phone. Custom operating systems allow for more user control and customization but have their own vulnerabilities. Once a smartphone has been rooted or jailbroken, it is largely susceptible to any computer because the security checks are bypassed.

Information can be gotten easily just by plugging in a charging cable to any computer USB. The benefits of rooting and jailbreaking are usually piracy of paid content and the ability to load cracked apps, which bypass other security checks. The risk is just too great, and the rewards are slim, plus it is mostly used to download illegally cracked apps and content. We do not recommend rooting or jailbreaking your android. It already has plenty of feature-packed apps available for free download and a whole slew of them available with subscription payments.

Software Updates

All smartphones have regular updates, either quarterly or annually, which improve upon crashing bugs, performance, or features. It is ideal to update the smartphone immediately because it could prevent a major issue coming down the line. Many times the updates solve things such as overheating, crashes, software glitches, information leaks, or throttled performance.

Updating the phone could make it faster and more streamline. These software updates usually require a stable Wi-Fi connection, could involve a phone restart, and take some time to download and then install. You can put off the update for a while, but eventually it will go through. It is best not to fight the update and just let it happen. The sooner you allow it to happen, the sooner it will stop popping up notifications.

Internal Storage and External Storage

Android phones generally have at least one external storage port where a micro-SD card can be inserted to enable additional storage. This expands the capacity of the phone’s storage significantly. However, only certain information can be put on the micro-SD card; pictures, music, videos, and downloaded files can go on the external storage micro-SD card. Some apps can be transferred to the external storage as well, but only a small portion of apps actually allow this to happen.

The internal storage is mostly where apps/applications will exist and not very many of them allow being stored on the external storage. Because of this factor, it is still very important to choose a smartphone with plenty of internal storage and rely on the external storage to hold pictures, music, and videos. When purchasing a phone, use this mindset to ensure there are fewer complications later regarding storage capacity and data. Once a phone is completely full on internal storage, apps must start getting deleted or else the smartphone can start having serious issues with basic functions such as calling, texting, or browsing. The smartphone needs some storage space to enable these basic functions and if the phone is too full it may even start bootlooping or become unusable.


Cell phone repairs, iPhone repairs, and iPad repair can be a daunting task for individuals owning these devices due to the difficulty faced in finding expert repair centers. The technological features on our iPhones, laptops, and iPads are designed to be very user-friendly and self-explanatory. If any issue arises, you can troubleshoot most of the issues by following a few simple steps. If it is an smartphone battery replacement, iPhone speaker repair, MacBook repairs, Samsung repair service or other difficult repair then it will require professional or technical help. In such cases, you can always visit your nearest Genius CPR stores for all types of cell phone screen repair, laptop repairs, iPhone camera repair and iPad screen replacement.

Lines or Spots in the Screen

Diagnosing a screen issue can be tricky. Lines in the screen can present after even a small drop or accidental impact to the smartphone.
These lines mean that the screen is unable to produce an image for that small section. Spots in the screen can mean a couple of things depending on the type of spot. If the spot is dark and the phone is a liquid-crystal display (LCD), then the spot is an impact point which has bludgeoned the screen in that spot and is permanent damage.

If the spot is white or looks like a light shining through, then the spot is from pressure underneath the screen and can be permanent depending on the severity. If the spot is more prominent and shows as a discoloration and extends to a larger part of the smartphone, then it could be image burn or burn-in, also known as ghosting or shadow. This happens on many Android smartphones because the technology uses very bright screens which damage themselves when left on for too long with the same image. For all these issues, the screen can be replaced to remedy the problems.

Moisture Detected When Charging

Smartphones have evolved with an array of features they did not previously have. One such feature is moisture detection in the charging port. Designed to prevent damages to the internal components of the smartphone, this moisture detector can be tripped by even the simplest humidity in the air. Until the moisture is dried up, the sensor will continue to disallow the use of the charging port. Most smartphones with this moisture detection feature also have wireless charging. During this time in which the charging port is inoperable, the wireless charging is available to allow the continued use of the smartphone.

Sensors are not foolproof, however, and the sensor can be faulty which will cause it to remain permanently tripped, thus causing inoperability of the charging port. When this happens, the charging port must be replaced. If the charging port is still inoperable after days of drying out, then it might be time to have it repaired. We do not recommend sticking the phone in rice as rice particles can also get stuck in the charging port and exacerbate the problem.

Bloated Battery, Overheating When Charging

When a battery goes bad in a smartphone, many times it’s nothing major and the phone simply has lost battery life. Other times, a reaction can occur within the battery that causes gas bloating within the battery. The gas bloating is generally contained within the battery, but if the battery ruptures it can cause flare up and ruin the phone. Bloating is dangerous and should be repaired immediately.

The signs of a bad battery include, but are not limited to, overheating when charging, battery not lasting as long, weird software glitches when using the phone while charging, slow charging, and performance loss. Battery loss can be insignificant such as losing an hour or two every charge cycle; for example the smartphone lasts only 8 hours instead of 10 hours. However, battery loss is inevitable for a daily user. After a year or more with the smartphone, such effects will be noticed. It is recommended to change the smartphone’s battery every two to three years.

Google Play Store or Apps Not Working

No matter which smartphone and no matter which operating system, at some point an app/application is going to stop working. Sometimes apps just fail because of a loading issue or some sort of corrupted data, and other times it could be a compatibility issue. For apps with a loading issue or corrupted data, the first to do is force stop the app and clear out the cache. Clearing out this temporary data will remedy the loading issue in most cases. Once the cache is cleared, then load the app again and see if it is working. If the app is still not working then force stop it again, clear the cache, uninstall the app, restart the phone, and reinstall the app. This gives the app a fresh chance to install and load properly. After this procedure, if the app is still misbehaving then it is likely an issue with compatibility.

It is best to make sure the phone’s operating system/firmware is up to date, and then try to reload the app again. Generally, if the app is still nonfunctional after all of the efforts, then it may be time to write to the app developer or try a different app. Some app developers simply don’t keep up with their software and their app becomes deprecated and unusable. The last-ditch effort is a factory reset of the smartphone and then load the app to see if the behavior changes, but make sure data is backed up else the phone will lose everything.

Sounds Not Working, Speaker Not Working

If the smartphone falls silent and no longer produces sound when it should, then the speakers may have failed. Before taking the smartphone to a repair shop near you, check the volume levels and ensure it is turned up. Also check the silent switch, if applicable, to make sure the smartphone is not in silence mode.

Try several types of sounds to narrow down which sounds are not playing. For example, try a YouTube video, try a phone call, and try talking to Bixby or using system sounds such as ringtone playback. If none of this works, then it may be time to consider a speakerphone replacement repair. After consistent usage of the speaker, it may go out due to the vibrational damage over time. This is normal for smartphones if the smartphone is getting consistent usage. Replacement of the speaker can be performed at a local Genius cell phone repair store near you.

Screen Dim or Brightness Turned Down

Depending on the smartphone, the screen can go dim when the battery is low. It does this to save power consumption since the screen brightness is a major factor in battery usage. If the smartphone’s screen brightness is turned down, then the brightness can be turned back up manually in the settings or in the quick settings.

Quick settings are available when you swipe down from the top and the brightness slider bar is seen along with several other quick toggles. If the screen is too dark to see, then try using a flashlight on the screen to help see it temporarily. If the quick settings is not showing the brightness slider bar, then go into the full settings and select Display Settings which will bring up the brightness slider bar. When the brightness of the screen is set correctly, then exit the settings app and resume normal functions. If the screen brightness is still dark, then it may be time to get the screen replaced at a local cell phone repair near you.

Trouble shoot

Owning the latest and most expensive smartphone has emerged as a mark of style and status; however, when it comes to cell phone repairs, finding an expert to repair them could be difficult, more so when a phone is Samsung, finding a trusted Samsung repair nearby could seem exhausting. Most of the technological functionalities on your smartphones, laptops, etc. are quite manageable and self-explanatory. You could locate and fix most of the problems in a few steps except if it is a smartphone screen replacement, smartphone battery replacement, etc., where you need expert help. In the event of such cases, one can reach out and visit the nearest Genius CPR stores for all types of repairs that include but are not limited to cell phone repairs, laptop repairs, and more.
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Most Common Issues

Every smartphone or Smartphone has certain common issues with screen and battery where one looks up to an Smartphone repair or a cell phone repair nearby.  The technical problems that arise due to prolonged usage or due to defective parts, software issues, or other reasons like an incorrect way of charging, overheating, etc lead to issues that sometimes could be fixed by following certain guidelines and sometimes might warrant expert care.  Usually, most issues can be resolved by you by taking the necessary precautions and following the given guidelines.  Below is brief information on how to solve the most common issues with your Smartphones, laptops, and other smartphones. If still unable to resolve, your nearest GeniusCPR professionals will fix or solve all kind of repairs, like Smartphone screen replacements, Samsung repair, etc.


More Info

Smartphones revolutionized the idea of the cell phone, getting you a personal phone/assistant/ computer at all times at your fingertips, making it an era of smartphones. Since its release, the smartphones have undergone multiple iterations, and every release has added new features, improvised processing speed, and graphics resolution. However, with each new design and addition, new cell phone repair challenges also arose. Usually, all of these devices are user-serviceable with the help of our repair guides.

Mobile devices and smartphones are opening up new business opportunities, and increased adoption of smart devices has led to the growth of the mobile app industry, remarkably. According to GSMA Intelligence, it is estimated that there are about 5.31 billion unique mobile users worldwide currently. This wide base has equally opened the opportunity for the cell phone repairs business, too. Mostly, mobile screens, motherboards, microphones, batteries, keypads, etc., are the often replaced parts for smartphones or common cell phone repairs. 


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