Device Water Damage: What to Do and How to Avoid It


Summer is right around the corner and summertime calls for summer activities such as boating, waterparks, or even playing in the sprinklers in the yard. There here is nothing more refreshing in the summer heat than taking a quick break in the lake or the pool. During summer, many of us surround ourselves with water activities to cool off, but there is one thing we must be cautious of while we enjoy our water activities: our phones. Despite all the advances in modern day phones, they are still not waterproof or fully water resistant. Nothing can ruin your summer fun more than dropping your phone in water. In today’s blog, we are going to explain what to do if you do drop your phone in water and how to prevent water damage.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Newer phone models can typically withstand some water; however, this does not mean they are waterproof. There is often a misconception between waterproof and water resistant. Waterproof means that an object is completely protected from the effects of water. On the contrary, water-resistant means that an object repeals some water, but not all. Our phones are water-resistant, not waterproof. GeniusCPR provides you best iPhone screen repairs services.

Smartphones have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating determined by how well the device can withstand dust, dirt, and water. For dirt, ratings range from 1-6 and take the first number position. For water, ratings range from 1-9 and take the second numbered position. For example, the iPhone 13 has an IP68 rating meaning it is rated 6 for dust and dirt and 8 for water. The IP rating suggests that the iPhone 13 can be submerged up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes.

Apple has provided an IP rating for their iPhone models beginning with the iPhone 7. For a full list of IP ratings and water resistance abilities for iPhones, you can look here. For a list of Samsung device IP ratings, you can look here. Although phones are becoming more water resistant, we do not recommend putting your phone in water regardless of the IP rating. Continuous exposure to water can still have damaging effects. With the improved water-resistance on devices, it is hoped that this helps saves your devices from accidental drops in water.

What to do if your phone has water damage

You’re having a pool day with your friends, and you try to take the perfect picture and then your phone slips from your hand into the pool. We get it – accidents happen. If you do drop your phone in water, there are a few tips to give your phone the best chance of surviving. GeniusCPR best iPhone repair near me.

Remove Your Phone Immediately

The less time your phone spends in water, the better. Leaving the phone in water for a prolonged periods of time increases the amount of water that gets inside your device.

Dry Off Your Phone

Once your phone is removed from water, dry it off with a clean cloth.

Shut Off Your Phone and Remove the Sim Card

If your phone is on, shut it off immediately. Resist the urge to unlock the phone and see if it is still working. Shutting the phone off can help prevent any short circuits and further internal damage. Remove the sim card and your case, if you have one. Dry off the sim card and case.

Sit the Phone Upright

Sit the phone in an upright position to allow the phone to drain the water out.

Do NOT place your phone in rice

It is a common misconception that placing your phone in rice will help absorb the water. Rice does not do anything for the water in your phone. Instead, rice puts your phone as risk of getting dust and rice grains stuck in your phone.

Do NOT try to charge your phone

Do not try to charge your device until it is completely dry. Charing your device while it is still wet can cause further damage to your phone.


It is best to avoid taking your phone around water and risking dropping it. We understand, however, that we are constantly in need of our phones and leaving it at home or in the car is not always an option. There are a few preventable measures you can take around water. The first thing you could do is get a water-resistant case. This does not mean your phone is completely safe from water, but it would provide extra protection against the water. Also, when you are around water, on a boat or at a pool, make sure your phone is in a secure and safe location away from the water.

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