Waterlogged Phone, Myth Bust: Rice and Silica Packets


Even if your waterlogged phone seems like it has come to an end, there is a good chance that you can still resuscitate it. But you need to act quickly. The longer the water sits inside, the greater the chances for the metal components to corrode inside. A variety of desiccants such as couscous, rice, cat litter, oats, chia seeds, and silica are available. However, cat litter, oats, and chia seeds are not recommended because of the dust and debris that may get deposited inside the phone.

The Rice Myth

There is a myth that rice is a good material to absorb liquid in your waterlogged phone. No doubt, rice is hygroscopic. It is only because of its ready availability, that rice was initially preferred. The old wives’ tale is to leave your smartphone in a container of rice overnight causing water inside to be absorbed. 

waterlogged phone in a jar of rice drying out

But the findings are not encouraging. Water particles in the tiny grooves seldom get dry. Corrosion of small metal parts begins if there is any water particle inside the phone. Some people have reported using a dryer or oven so that water evaporates. This is highly dangerous because the phone has a lot of heat-sensitive components. 

The Waterlogged Phone Truth

Because water is a conductor of electricity, it can bridge circuits and cause shorts in the phone. If you’re tech-savvy, disengaging the battery is the immediate first step. This ensures the supply of power is unavailable. There are also copper contacts on the SIM card and SIM card reader in the phone. Use a pin or a special SIM card removal tool to pop open the SIM holder and remove the small card. Water could have got into this tiny opening, and risk having to replace your SIM card as well.

Even if your phone is damaged beyond repair, you will want the SIM moved to another device. Drying is the next step and a desiccant is the best option. Silica gel is the best option if you have few packets. You’re probably accustomed to seeing silica gel in the form of those little packets stuffed into medicine bottles, pockets of new clothes, or shoes. But acting fast is far more crucial than avoiding a little rice, so don’t waste time shopping for silica gel packets. Get the phone to a mobile repair store as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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