Right to Repair Law: Boon or Bane for Phone Repair Shops

Phone Repair Shops

Enacted to empower consumers and third-party service providers, the right to repair law requires manufacturers to supply necessary repair information, tools, and replacement parts for electronic devices. The right-to-repair law assists consumers and repair shops worldwide by enabling users to alter and fix gadgets like computers, smartphones, laptops, and automobiles. It is aimed to ensure […]

Credit-Based Buying Plans: Making the Latest Devices Accessible

No Credit Required Payment Options

In today’s rapidly progressing technological landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest devices can be a daunting financial challenge for many. New smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets seem to hit the market almost every other month, and keeping pace with these advancements can be expensive. That’s where credit-based buying plans come into play, and Genius […]

Reduce your tech stress through efficient services at Genius CPR

Genius CPR - Ease Tech Stress with Efficient Services

In the fast-paced digital world of today, technology is essential to our day-to-day existence. We mainly rely on these gadgets, from laptops and PCs to cellphones to keep in touch, entertain ourselves and work. However, tech issues and malfunctions are inevitable given the growing complexity of technology, which causes worry to the users. As a […]

Securing Your iPhone – Comprehensive Protection for Your Valuable Device

Securing Your iPhone

In today’s digital world, smartphones have become essential tools that we rely on daily. The iPhone is a popular choice thanks to its sleek design and powerful features. However, as technology advances, it’s important to properly secure these valuable devices. When purchasing an expensive smartphone like the iPhone, you’ll want peace of mind in case […]

Computer Repair or Replacement? How to Know?

woman wearing apple watch using macbook for business

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash Computer Repair vs Replacement  With the work-from-home trend pacing up, we all need fast-speed computers and reliable internet connectivity to complete our daily tasks. But how long does a computer last? Where to get a computer repair? What are the signs that indicate you need a new computer? So, […]

Waterlogged Phone, Myth Bust: Rice and Silica Packets

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Waterlogged Phone, Myth Bust: Rice and Silica Packets   Even if your waterlogged phone seems like it has come to an end, there is a good chance that you can still resuscitate it. But you need to act quickly. The longer the water sits inside, the greater the chances for the metal components to corrode […]

Refurbished Phone: The Reality of a Repaired Device

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Refurbished Phone: The Reality of a Repaired Device   Owning a new smartphone with the latest features is a challenge to most consumers. New models with updated features are released into the market at regular intervals, and it is difficult for most people to afford these top-of-the-line phones. Many times consumers go on a 30-month […]

Why iPad is Still a Good Device to Own

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Why iPad is Still a Good Device to Own   Despite various upgrades and technological advancements made in various devices, the iPad is still a good option to have. The testimony to this lies in the manufacturer, Apple, launching an array of variations to its original model. If you take part in many video calls, […]

School Technology and Technology That Kids Need for School

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School Technology and Technology That Kids Need for School   Technology-dependent learning is not a new norm. In reality, the last two years have catapulted school technology and made it even more widely-accessible. Technology has touched all arenas of the education vertical, reaping myriad benefits via games, learning apps, or multimedia tools. Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

Why visit a repair store for your tech devices?

genius cpr

Why visit a repair store for your tech devices? Why should you visit a repair store for your broken devices? Check out our Tech Tuesday to find out. Many tech devices are being unveiled for consumers very frequently, designed to make life sophisticated, safer, comfortable, and entertaining.  However, there’s a downside too as most of […]