Keeping Your Phone Protected This Summer


Keeping Your Phone Protected This Summer

The first full week of summer is in the books. With summer comes increased activity and more opportunities to break your phone. Before we look at how to protect your phone, let’s look at who and how phones get the broken the most frequently.

AT&T released a report taken from surveys they had done across the country about how an individual had broken their phone, if they had broken it before. 72% of the surveyed field had broken a phone before and 57% had broken more than one. This means if you have broken a phone a before, you are more likely to break it again than someone who has never broken their phone at all. Genius CPR provides best iphone repairs services.

Where are these breaks happening? A surprising amount happen in the privacy of a bathroom. With 21% of the survey members saying that they have broken a phone in the restroom, and 57% of that group are females. Surprisingly, the bathroom is not the most common place to break your phone though. The most common place to break a phone, accounting for almost a third of all breaks, at 31% is in your vehicle or in the parking lot. This includes leaving your phone on the top of your car and driving off, getting out of the vehicle too quickly and throwing it on the pavement and endless more possibilities.

With summer in full swing, it is time to look at how nearly 20% of phones are broken, physical activity and phones getting water damaged in a pool or body of water. With nicer weather people are out and about more as well as spending more time in the pool or lake. These situations give your phones more opportunities to get broken if you are not careful, and sometimes even if you are. Get your iPad repair at geniuscpr 

Who is more likely to break their phone? If you are an individual under the age of 35 you are 58% more likely to break your phone. If you have kids, you are an additional 20% likely to break your phone. Those who have broken their phone before are 2 times more likely to do it again.

How should you be keeping your phone protected? Let’s tackle the water situation first. Don’t get your phone wet. I know it sounds simple, but most phones come with a water resistance grade, leading consumers to believe their phone can be in water for up to 30 seconds at varying depths. While this is technically true, no two scenarios are the same and any water getting in any electronic device could spell disaster. So if you are on the boat, or in the pool make sure your phone is either tucked safely away or on shore. Cracked screens, are the most common form of breaking a phone. The best way to protect your device is by getting a case and a tempered glass screen protector. Of the people surveyed in AT&T’s article, 44% of those who broke their phone did NOT have a case on their phone. Chances are, if you do not have a case on your phone you are not using a screen protector either. This one two punch of protection can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs. 55% of people who broke their phone invest in a case for their new or refurbished device. Don’t wait until you have broken a phone, be proactive and get a case and screen protector today.

GeniusCPR has lifetime protection bundles including cases, screen protectors, screen cleaner and much more to help keep your phone in pristine condition. Give us a call or stop in at any of our 10 locations in Indiana and Michigan to get protected today.

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